Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hockey — Not Cancer — On Henderson’s Mind: Anniversary Of THE Goal

Canadian hockey player Paul Henderson (center, dark jersey) shoots on net during the 1972 Summit Series between Team Canada and Team USSR, Canada, September 1972. The Soviet defense is provided by goalkeeper Vladislav Tretiak and Yevgeny Poladiev (number 26). Henderson went on the score the series-winning goal for Canada in the eighth game. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Here's a synopsis of my timely post today at The Hockey Writers.

Either I have forgotten or somehow the news eluded me when announced back in February, but Hockey Canada legend (a term which is probably used too loosely in the sports world, but not in this case) Paul Henderson was then diagnosed with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia).

Today (September 28th) marks the 38th anniversary of his historic and dramatic series clinching goal in the ’72 Summit Series, and it was great to hear Mike Richards in the Morning ( interview him today.

Henderson told CBC Sport back in February:
“In Canada, they wait for significant pain before starting chemotherapy,” he says. “It could be one year, two years, even three years.

Paul Henderson - Lucknow Mural {Flickr/Pampered Paws}

“I’m looking for alternative treatments, which are more prevalent in Europe.”
According to Henderson, the disease is in Stage Four. It is in his stomach. His chest. His blood. His lymph nodes. Eventually it will cause his body to decay. But not his spirit, he vows. Never his spirit.
“I have no fear, no angst,” he says. “There is no ‘Why me?’ After all, who has lived a greater life than me?
“I have a loving wife, kids, grandkids. I feel great. I work out five times a week. I can walk 36 holes of golf — at least I could in the fall.
“I always said I would live life to the fullest until the day I died. I just didn’t expect to die this soon,” he says with a laugh.
 Read on by clicking on the following link and recapture some of the great moments in Canada sports history and catch up with Paul Henderson:


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